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Holiday Information

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Resort Information

Representatives: When it comes to knowing about the local area and offering you the best possible advice to ensuring you a wonderful holiday we believe that we can exceed that of your normal tour operator. 

Your local representatives will be your local experts, with their knowledge at your disposal. They are English speaking and they will familiarise you with the property and local area. You will be given a 24 hour local contact number for general enquiries and any out of hours emergencies.

Conditions in holiday resorts: If there is a specific problem affecting your accommodation, you should report this to the representative, who will do his or her best to rectify the matter as quickly as possible. Insects, ants, mosquitoes and cockroaches for example, are common in hot countries. They are usually harmless, and they do not mean your accommodation is dirty or unhygienic. However, the sight of such creatures can be off - putting if you are not used to seeing them. 

Currency & Money: We recommend the purchase of travellers' cheques for the bulk of your holiday money, with a small amount of local currency for initial sundry items. Credit cards are widely accepted in Turkey and cash can be obtained from the various cash points in the nearby town of Cesme. Also, if your UK switch card or current account card has a Cirrus or Maestro symbol on it, this can also be used at a number of cash points to withdraw money. The currency in Turkey is Turkish Lira (TL).The Turkish lira fluctuates in value on a daily basis so it is wise to change your money close to the time you will need it. Contact your local bank, or post office for foreign currency.

Driving: Drivers must be over 21 and have a valid driving licence. We recommend that you check the local driving laws before hiring a car.

Watersports: We neither own nor operate these facilities and cannot provide assurances that the equipment or services are maintained or operated with the customers' safety in mind. Some watersports such as scuba diving may also be considered "hazardous pursuits" by insurance companies and could invalidate your policy should you need to claim as a result of injury whilst participating in such an activity.


Your Accommodation - what's included. Your accommodation will be fully furnished, and equipped to the size of the party. Bed linen, bath and hand towels will be provided; beach towels are not provided. All accommodation is sold inclusive of charges for gas, water and electricity. The villa is cleaned once for your arrival unless otherwise stated at the time of booking. Additional cleaning and linen changes are available and payable locally for an additional charge.

Number sharing the property: All occupants should be named on the booking form and should not exceed the number for which the property is equipped. 

Maid Service: The villa is cleaned for your arrival. Additional cleaning and linen changes are available and payable locally for an additional charge.

Change over days & times: Villas in Turkey offer a flexible arrival day as we accommodate guests from all over the world, so you can choose an arrival date that best suits your schedule, subject to availability. Guests arriving at properties after 15:00 will normally be able to take immediate occupation of their villa. Consequently, departing guests will be required to vacate the property no later than 10:00 on the last day of their stay, to ensure that time is available for cleaning the villa for the arrival of the next guests. Should your return flight be later in the day, we will try our best to provide you with use of a courtesy room locally (which may be shared) where you can leave your luggage and use the bathroom. However, this service cannot be guaranteed as it is subject to availability and where available may be subject to a local charge.

Smoking: Villas in Turkey operates a strict no smoking policy inside all of the holiday villas. For those who wish to smoke, there are several balconies on which to sit and relax.

Pets: No pets are allowed.

Personal Safety

Safety and Hygiene: Although the accommodation featured does operate to its own country's standard, regrettably the safety standards and regulations in Turkey may not always be of the same level that we enjoy in the UK. We have to the best of our knowledge taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the villa offers safe and comfortable accommodation, but urge you to take caution with child safety, balconies, surfaces such as tiled floors that may become slippery when wet, fire, gas /electricity, stairs, kitchens, bathrooms, personal safety, sun care, beaches, swimming pools, and road safety. The local representative will endeavour to make you aware of any safety information relating to your property.

Health Precautions: Health facilities, hygiene and disease risks vary world-wide. You should take advice about your specific needs as early as possible. Sources of information include the Department of Health's free leaflet Health advice for travellers (available by phoning 0800 555 7777), your General Practitioner or a specialist clinic. Please note that you are strongly advised against scuba diving for 24 hours before travelling by air. Please check that you have the immunisations that you may require for your visit to Turkey.


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